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Whenever I had to be seated at the dugout during a football game, I became cold and my feet and hands suffered especially. As a result, it became very difficult to enter the playing field warm and ready to play, despite a warming up. This increased the chance of injuries. In that time there were no product that were easy to carry and would serve the sole purpose of keeping substitute players warm. My name is Rick van Geloven and at the age of 17 I started the development of my dream; creating a solution to provide warmth and comfort for substitute players during the cold winter period. My ambitions continued to grow and therefore my dreams too. As a result, we from Belieff insist on continuous development and innovation of the products by listening to the feedback we receive from existing customers. Every day, we strive to continuing to improve our results and get closer to our dream.

We at Belieff, believe in the right to warmth for everyone. This in a simple, effective and stylish manner!
With the use of great design, made of durable materials and products, we make products that are easy to carry and believe in the wide range of functionality, to be used in every situation. By continuous innovation and improving from the feedback from our customers, Belieff is able to continue to produce products that connect to the basic needs of people.

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