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About the Dutch Business Club

Established in October 1958

The Dutch Busness Men’s Association was established in October 1958. In that year a group of male members of the Dutch Association “Je Maintiendrai” decided to start a strictly men’s business association. Target was to help each other to survive in the business environment.

There was a monthly “meeting” in the cellar of Hotel St.Regis on Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver. The meetings included a diner (for $25,- p.p) and a guest speaker. Later, around the mid-eighties, the
meetings were moved to the first floor of “Hy’s Encore” on Hornby Street.
A group of “ladies”, with Beatrix de Groot, as coordinator, contacted every member for the meetings to confirm his attendance.

Many interesting speakers such as Premiers, Mayors, First Nation’s leaders and successful business man have given their performances.

During the high days the membership stood at 150 paying members and the monthly meetings was attended by ± 45 members.

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The 25 th and 30 th Anniversary

30 Years Anniversary Dutch Business Club

The 25th anniversary has been celebrated in a big way, as the festivity program shows. For the 30th anniversary a big event took place in “Fantasy Gardens”. A “handmade” memorial tile was produced.

By the late eighties, beginning of the nineties, the question arose of it was still politically and/or socially correct to have an ‘only-men’s-club’. A vote under the members was wrongly formulated which resulted in acceptance of also female members. As a result 2 women became member. However, many male members cancelled their membership (some of them started “Holland House”).

Fast Forward to the 2000's

The name was changed to “Netherlands Business and Professional Association” NBPA. Due to the lag of membership, this association was terminated by the end of the nineties, early 2000.

The Dutch Business Club (DBC), previously known as Dutch Business & Professional Association, was established in 2012 as a Society serving the Dutch business community in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Its mission is to bring together professionals and entrepreneurs of Dutch heritage or with a connection to the Netherlands, by organizing events with either a cultural, culinary or business theme, for the purpose of networking in an inspiring and relaxed environment.

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Member Resources

Our members have access to their own profile page where they can manage their business listing and post business events on our website.

The membership fee for The Dutch Business Club is only $35.- annually. Enjoy the perks of being a member and sign up today.

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